Opin fyrirlestur:The Faroe-Shetland margin - a potential analogue for the Jan Mayen Microcontinent

Dr. Martin Stoker jarðfræðingur bresku jarðvísindastofnunarinnar, British Geological Survey verður með fyrirlestur er nefnist á ensku: The Faroe-Shetland margin - a potential analogue for the Jan Mayen Microcontinent.

Fyrirlesturinn er öllum opin og verður á ensku.

Dr. Martin Stoker will present the regional Late Paleozoic–Cenozoic setting of the Faroe-Shetland margin (FSM in context with the surrounding pre-breakup areas, including the area of the Jan Mayen micro-continent (JMMC). The main focus on the FSM will be on the early post-breakup development of the margin – its Eocene stratigraphy and structure, and how it has developed in response to oceanic spreading processes. The Eocene development of the FSM is something that can possibly be linked directly with structural events taking place in the JMMC as it started to rift away from Greenland. Consequently, the pre-breakup proximity of the JMMC and the FSM suggests that the latter might be an excellent pre- to early post-breakup stratigraphic analogue for the JMMC.